Vow Renewal

A Vow Renewal is a celebratory ceremony for a married couple to reaffirm your commitment to each other, and promises made to each other on your wedding day.

They are especially popular on milestone anniversaries (10, 25, or 50 years), however, there is no rule as to when to have one. Some couples choose to do this to include family members or friends who couldn’t attend their wedding, or maybe after one partner has overcome a serious illness or a particularly difficult or challenging time in their lives, and wish to celebrate what they perceive to be a second chance.

A Vow Renewal is not legally binding and it can take place in any venue.

Vow Renewal Suffolk

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremonies are popular nowadays especially for couples who do not wish to marry but wish to ‘Commit’ to their lives together and want to do so formally  with family and friends present.

A Commitment Ceremony is not legally binding and can take place in any venue.