The arrival of a new baby into your lives is one of the most significant and happiest events in family life.

Up until recently, the only way to Celebrate the arrival of a new baby, or child, was in a local place of worship and whilst many families would like to celebrate the arrival of their baby in some way, they feel that perhaps the traditional religious ceremony isn’t for them.

Most parents do want to welcome their baby, or child/ren, into their family and to Celebrate their arrival, surrounded by family and friends who know and love them and want to welcome them into the wider community.

You can have a Civil Naming Ceremony at a time and venue of your choice and you can create the Ceremony that you want.

What Is A Naming Ceremony?

  • Everyone has to register the birth of their child. A Naming Ceremony is not a legal requirement but it could be followed after registering your baby’s birth at a register office.
  • A Naming Ceremony welcomes the birth of a child, or older or new children into the family.
  • Parents can nominate adults to support their child, which is similar to nominating a godmother or godfather at a christening.
  • There is no specific timescale in which you have to hold a ceremony and many parents combine the naming ceremony with the child’s birthday, the most popular being the child’s first birthday, or they wait until their family is complete and name all their children together.

A Naming Ceremony is a way of getting friends and family together to celebrate and to welcome the arrival of your baby, or your child and most parents choose their own home in which to do this

Family and friends can be asked to contribute by reading poems, saying special words, or playing an instrument of singing.

Parents, siblings and special adults can promise in front of others to care for the child, further strengthening family and friendship bonds. It gives you an opportunity to congratulate you and to support you.

I can help you create the ceremony of your choice and will officiate on the day

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