Tina Hayward Funeral CelebrantIf you are reading this, it is likely that you have been recently bereaved, and so I start by offering you my heartfelt sorrow. Losing someone is a terrible shock and nothing can prepare you for their passing.

There will be many practical things to do and sadly these tasks have to be completed at a time when you probably least feel able to cope with them.

Organising the funeral service will probably be foremost on your mind, and I would like to help and support you with this.

  • I can create a personalised service that reflects the life, loves and beliefs of your lost loved one
  • The service will acknowledge your sad loss but will celebrate the life of your lost loved one
  • The service can be either non-religious or semi-religious, or a spiritual service
  • If family members and friends would like to take part in the ceremony, I am there to encourage and support
  • I can help you with music, including hymns and prayers, readings and poetry
  • I can write a tribute on your behalf that I will send to you beforehand for your final confirmation
  • I will type up the order of service for you so that it can be sent directly to the printer
  • I can make other suggestions to create a personal touch, personalise the service, for example, a photographic tribute, candle lighting, dove release.

The service will be delivered with care and sensitivity and you will be treated throughout with kindness, courtesy and respect.

You may wish to speak to me before making your decision and I welcome and look forward to your call.

  • I wish to thank you for being mum’s Celebrant and for your beautiful delivery of mum’s life story. Through your demeanour I could feel such love and support, this enabling me to remain reasonably dignified throughout.

  • I felt the ceremony was so beautifully delivered and everyone must have taken something away from the ceremony, they feeling both comforted and supported. My family were so very happy with everything and I felt so comforted by your presence.

  • I hope you wake full of pride on this Friday morning. I would like to Thank you. Thank you for making every step of this transition easier than I could have imagined.
    Despite the turmoil and breath taking pain, you made it all so much better on the day. Mum would have loved the soothing sound of your voice.

  • You did such an amazing job and bringing my wife’s soul and character to life within the room, and the compliments I have received, reflect my own feelings and thoughts. Thank you.

  • Just a note to thank you so sincerely for taking the service for our Dad. Your reading of the tributes was excellent and the emotion of the occasion did not escape those of us attending virtually. I cannot describe the feeling of calm your presence gave to us all and the deep sense of satisfaction we experienced knowing that we gave Dad a heartfelt send off – despite the difficult circumstances.

  • I want to thank you for all your help and support with my dear husband’s service. You were so professional and showed such empathy and everyone said it was as if you knew him.

  • Your tribute to Dad was spot on and we enjoyed the chuckles too! You conducted the service with dignity and grace and gave us all so much support at this sad time. You were so patient with us too. Dad would have been so proud.